Pompanuck is a perfect site for Yoga teachers to bring their students for retreat. We can also arrange to have local Yoga teachers offer classes to the participants of your private retreat.

Here's what yoga groups who have visited Pompanuck have to say about their experience here:

A peaceful, inspiring, thought provoking, life changing place. The yoga practices which involved partnering with other women helped me let down some of my barriers. And the general feeling of love & support helped me to feel much more 'free'.- Dina Eck from New York, NY.

This retreat created more enthusiasm and excitement to practice more! What an amazing place, filled with tremendous people! Loved my room, meals are fab, people are wonderful! Kitchen staff was really top notch!
- Shannon Dailey from New York, NY.

I am hoping that this retreat will help me to keep my practice consistent in my life. Many of the little things we did will be useful in maintaining discipline in my life. The FOOD! Every meal and treat was such a joyous experience. The Sauna was fab-o! You Rock! Everyone here was so great - I felt like we were all a big family!
- Aerin Dunford from Brattleboro, VT.
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