tai ji as a path to centered living and sustainability

Tai Ji is an ancient martial art and philosophy rooted in Chinese Taoism. It is practiced in slow and graceful forms using gentle movements and relaxed breathing. It is effective in developing strength, balance and flexibility in the bodymindheart. Daily practice of Tai Ji promotes improved health by lubricating joints, lowering blood pressure, deepening the breath, increasing the flow of chi throughout the body and instilling serenity and well-being.

The sages of ancient China considered the Five Elements - Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth to be at the heart of health, philosophy, sciences, poetry, environmental design, arts and culture. For thousands of years this has remained so.

In his teaching, Scott focuses on Tai Ji principles of the Five Elements, yin/yang balance, rooting, centering, alignment, and communication. He explores the connections between the yielding, nurturing, quiet and reflective energies of yin energy and the active, creative, outwardly moving energy of yang energy. Combining exercises and metaphors from the ancient Tai Ji classics with contemporary interpretations, participants in his classes, workshops and retreats discover the relationships of steadiness/unevenness, giving/receiving, and action/inaction. He teaches classes, workshops and retreats and offers private lessons and works with a variety of exercises from Tui Shou, the Tai Ji art of relating and working with others and with the concepts and practice living and relating through the Tao.
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