sustainability is a big concept with some simple (and some not so simple) solutions and at Pompanuck we attempt to achieve this in a variety of evolving ways. Our buildings are constructed using local and recycled materials whenever available. We employ a number of alternative means of producing and reducing our energy consumption, including solar power, using our forest's wood for heating, and using low-consumption lighting and appliances in our buildings. We are always striving to make Pompanuck more energy efficient and less impacting on the land and resources of our earth.

We have a number of Cordwood and Strawbale buildings at Pompanuck. These buildings are energy efficient and hand-made, mostly using waste materials and recycled windows, doors and plumbing fixtures.

We recycle and compost and our gardens are completely organic, providing much of the produce for meals we serve during growing seasons. We rely on local farmers and bakers whenever possible for the balance of what we serve at Pompanuck.
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