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Round House Bakery homeCakes, Specialty Cakes and Cupcakes

Cakes, specialty cakes and cupcakes are custom made by Lisa and Chiara Carrino who enjoy working with clients, integrating personal stories, family traditions, and fantasy into their recipes and designs. Each cake becomes a symbol for your celebration. We are happy to work with special dietary needs. Many cakes are available in vegan or gluten free versions.

Fancy cake


Chocolate: A very dark, moist, cake with a light texture that is a perfect balance for mousse, butter cream, or custard fillings.

European Sponge: A traditional sponge cake with a rich, mellow, flavor and an airy texture. Traditionally made without butter this cake is the perfect base for rich and moist fillings like fresh fruit and whipped cream, pastry cream and butter frostings.  Available plain or flavored with fresh citrus zest, chocolate or nuts. 

White: A pure white cake made with egg whites and buttermilk and flavored with almond or vanilla for a rich, moist, traditional  cake.

Carrot: This moist, flavorful, favorite is made with fresh grated carrots and aromatic spices with the addition of nuts, raisins and/or crushed pineapple to taste.

Yellow: An old fashioned whole egg and butter cake which makes an excellent base for all fillings.


Mousse: Rich, light, and loaded with flavor in traditional chocolate, or mocha, hazelnut, caramel, maple, raspberry, strawberry.

Fruit: Lemon or berry curd, or fresh fruit in season.Cup cakes photo by Bridget McDonald

Butter Cream: Traditional frosting made with pure sweet butter, cream and confectioner’s sugar with your choice of flavoring.

Meringue Butter Cream: Lighter and more flavorful than traditional decorator’s butter cream with the addition of snowy egg whites in your choice of flavors.

Crème Patisserie: A pastry cream custard made with milk and eggs in vanilla, almond, chocolate, mocha, maple, or coconut.

Icings and Finishes

Dark Chocolate Ganache: A smooth, shiny chocolate glaze that melts in the mouth.

Butter cream: Available in pure white, ivory, or any colors or flavors of your choice.

Cream cheese: Comes standard with carrot cake but good with many other cakes.

Fondant: A finishing layer that helps maintain moisture in the body of the cake while providing a satin smooth finish. Fondant can also be flavored or  colored to create vivid or subtle design features.

ExtrasBride and groom

Chocolate leaves and curls – available in white, milk and dark chocolate.
Marzipan and fondant – hand shaped flowers, garlands, and sculptural work.
Cake Toppers: Figurines sculpted to your likeness or that of your favorite pet, a friend, or anything symbolic of your celebration in edible or non-edible materials.


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