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BreadsLots of fresh bread

Our breads are made with organic flours, well water and a minimum of yeast in our slow rise process which creates a light, moist, flavorful crumb and crispy, chewy crust. They’re available with or without seeds as a baguette or large or petite boule (round loaf) or as rolls. Special breads are available on request.

Multi-Grain with or without poppy seeds is full of flavors and textures from the addition of corn meal, quinoa, oats, wheat germ and sunflower seeds with a topping  of poppy  seeds. This bread is a good keeper, delicious as toast.        

Whole Wheat is made with two grinds of whole wheat berries, a fine and a course and it has a crunchy sesame seed crust for more flavor and texture.
Traditional Rustic White is great with soups, stews, and salads, made into garlic bread, a sandwich or as the perfect French Toast. We use stone ground organic white flour and sea salt and the loaves are available with or without sesame seeds.
Rosemary, Olive Oil, Sea Salt The south facing windows of our bakery are filled with bushy rosemary plants which provide the delicious flavor, along with olive oil and sea salt, to this all time favorite bread. Spectacular toasted and buttered along with your favorite breakfast eggs.Bread

bread basketPizzas, Focaccia, Panini

Frozen Organic Pizza Doughs 1# - Easy to use pizza crust makes a light crispy crust that’s strong enough to hold up to lots of toppings.
Focaccia – Packed with flavor, these small flat breads are topped with caramelized onions, fire roasted garlic, fresh herbs, seasonal roasted vegetables, goat or feta cheeses and a grating of fine aged cheese. We will gladly make vegan          focaccia without cheese.

Panini - See above bread varieties.                                            

Specialty BreadsLisa filling muffins

Easter Babkas – Baked by our sister-in-law, Jen, from a traditional Polish family recipe. Rich yeast cake studded with golden raisins with a tunnel of smooth, custardy, cream cheese, filling. Babkas are available in three sizes.
Small- serves 6 -8       Medium – serves 12 – 16      Large – serves at least 30

Challah – Perfect for pulling apart at family celebrations, our golden braided           challah is made with lots of our own fresh eggs and a blend of organic flours.           Challah makes superb French toast.


Breakfast Breads, Cereals and Tea Breads

Pumpkin Hook Granola – We start with wholesome organic rolled oats and add 3 kinds of puffed cereal, millet, rice, and corn to lighten the texture. We add almonds, coconut, and wheat germ and drizzle in Pompanuck maple syrup with pure canola oil and bake it to a turn. To finish it off we add ruby red dried cranberries and golden as well as black raisins.
Granola is available in bulk or in 1# bags.

Muffins – the secret to our consistently light, moist, flavorful, muffins is our homemade crème fraiche we mix into the batter. We culture fresh cream with buttermilk to make the crème fraiche which enhances the flavor of all the other ingredients.

Scones – lemon-ginger, blueberry, maple-oatmeal, and raspberry-almond

Snack cakes and Tea Breads – Pumpkin, Apple, Lemon with or without poppy seeds

COOKIESMaking Millet cookie balls

Round House Cookies are always delicious and packed with flavor and texture but they also pack high nutritional value. We use only organic eggs from our own farm (or the neighbors when we get really busy or when the hens can’t keep up, our own maple syrup and other nutritious ingredients as many locally grown ingredients as possible. Have a few of them with your coffee or tea and you’ll be good to go until your next meal. Our standard favorites are always available with seasonal varieties added throughout the year or by request.

Ginger Spice Cookies
This recipe came from our children’s favorite nursery school teacher, Linda. I’ve been making them since 1984 and they never disappoint. We’ve added chopped candied ginger which adds a nice zingy chewiness to a classic molasses snap.

Oatmeal, Raisin, Coconut, Chocolate Chip Cookies
This cookie beats any granola bar for flavor and an energy boost. It’s packed with naturally sweet ingredients.

Italian AmarettiCookies
Pure almond paste and cane sugar mixed with frothy egg whites and rolled in fresh sliced almonds makes a gluten-free confection that is irresistible.

Chocolate Walnut Kisses
Another favorite gluten-free cookie. Made with nothing but melted chocolate, sugar, toasted walnuts and egg whites it’s a light, crunchy, chewy, intensely chocolate treat like a brownie without the weight.



Coconut, Lemon, Cream Cheese Sunnies
Rich but delicate, cream cheese roll cookies studded with toasted coconut and fresh lemon zest. Crystal sugar sunbursts add a sweet crunch to this melt-in-your mouth confection.

Sugar Cookies
Reminiscing about cookies from our childhoods we came up with this one which is a cross between a sugar and a butter cookie. We use real vanilla beans to make this tender, very vanilla cookie which provides a perfect base for other flavors. These are less sweet than most which allows the flavor of vanilla to come through. They’re also our favorites to decorate for seasonal celebrations.
         ~Chocolate Icing with or without sprinkles or with salt crystals
         ~Decorated with royal icing and sprinkles


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